The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 58 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the eighth question of Chapter 2, and the eighth one from the Monochrome video game era.

This time, you're asked "How do you win an extra guy?". The options you're given contain "Reset", "Press Tab" (Referencing the Tab Cheat), "Remove the cartridge and blow into it" and a programming command that consists of three lines, reading:
20 GOTO 10

In reality, and quite obviously by looking at the answers, none of these is correct. If you want to move on to the following question, you have to press the number 1 key, then the up arrow key on your keyboard; the question's text will then be replaced by a new one that says "1-UP!", referring to the word that pops up whenever you gained an extra life in many non-modern video games. Shortly afterwards, you'll proceed.


  • If you press the fourth option, the screen will be covered by a succession of copies of the word "FLAN", aligned on the left side of the screen and scrolling down from the upper edge, before reverting back to the question screen and taking a life (or your Lifebuoy) away from you. This is because the command featured in that option is used in basic programming to infinitely print copies of the word written between the quotation marks.
  • This question was originally going to be placed as number 53, as evidenced by a picture posted in an August 2009 deviantArt journal by Splapp.
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