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Question 59


Special Attributes



10 seconds


Shoop Da Whoop (meme)

Question 59 of The Impossible Quiz is an unskippable question, containing the task "Charge ur lazer!" written on the upper part of the screen, and a black circle with the Shoop-Da-Whoop meme face at the bottom-left corner. This circle is directly facing a 10-second bomb located on the top-right corner of the screen, opposite of him.

ImpossibleQuiz 59


What you have to do is to rapidly click the circle so that the "lazer" charges, until it is eventually fired, destroying the bomb in the process. You'll then hear the noise of a non-existent crowd clapping at the circle, which will then smile and give you a thumbs up, before you move on to the next question.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of the Impossible Quiz, this question remains pretty much the same, except that there is no message of any kind on screen. Just the black circle and the bomb are there, along with the question number, lives and "Sorry, no Skipping" strip. The "Charge ur lazer!" message was left out, either because of Copyright issues, or for the sake of the game's presentation.



The Shoop Da Whoop's thumbs-up after successfully destroying the bomb.

  • Question 138 in The Impossible Quiz Book is nearly identical to this question, with the difference that the Shoop Da Whoop circle is located in the bottom right corner instead of the bottom left, and actually charging and firin' the "lazer" will open a black hole in the top left corner, which will then take over the whole screen and give you a Game Over. (Note that, unlike in this question, the circle isn't actually facing the bomb in the first place in that question.)
  • It is necessary to click the circle 50 times in order to pass the question.
  • This is one of the questions where the bomb had to be defused without the need of a Fusestopper, the other being Question 29 of the second quiz. In that case, the bomb had to be defused by tap water.
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