The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 59 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the ninth question of Chapter 2, as well as the ninth and penultimate question themed after the Monochrome era of video games.

You're presented with a total of 186 slightly rectangular pixels, which all together form a picture that references none other than the classic "Snake" game, with the empty spaces forming the pixelated snake as well as representing whatever kind of food it's meant to be eating. The snake is about to eat one of its "preys", as another seven identical ones are scattered around it. However, there is absolutely no task presented to you to guide your way.

It might take you some tries to figure this out, but since you're in Question 59, what you have to do here is to click the fifty-ninth pixel, counting from top to bottom, from left to right. Thankfully enough, the empty spaces make this square be placed as the very last pixel of the fourth row.

Click this pixel, and you'll be sent to the final question of the Monochrome era and first boss level of the Chapter: Question 60.


  • This question is similar to Question 42 of the first Impossible Quiz, where you must click the 42nd 42.
  • This is by far the question with the biggest amount of clickable options, containing a grand total of 186.
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