The Impossible Quiz
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Question 5 is the first maze question in the Impossible Quiz. You must move your cursor to the red dot as indicated by the screen, which will make the "maze" appear, along with the message "Now, don't touch blue!" and two faces: a sad one and a happy one, with arrows pointing to the start and goal buttons respectively.

You'll then have to move your mouse over to the other red dot without touching the blue parts of the screen. But the thing is, there are only two circular spaces where you can move: one where you start, and the other one on the other side of the screen containing the other red dot, both of them completely surrounded by blue, with no way to cross over it normally. To get past this, you must move the cursor off the screen since the free space is connected to the screen boundary. Go around the maze and enter to the space with the second dot, which is connected to the edge of the screen as well. Click the dot to move on.

Alternatively, there are three ways to glitch your way through the maze: you can either right-click while on the right side and move the cursor to the other side, then left-click twice to close the menu you opened and press the red button to move on; or you can click and hold the left mouse button, move the cursor to the other side without letting go of the button, and then release it once you're on the other side, or move your cursor off the screen, onto the rest of the screen, go around and put it onto the other side.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, this maze became slightly easier to complete: touching the first red dot to bring up the maze will not cost a life when you release your finger. This way you can just release it, go over the blue boundary, and touch the second red dot to proceed.

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