The Impossible Quiz
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Question 60 of The Impossible Quiz is a question that requires honesty from your part in order to proceed, regarding your performance in the previous question with the Shoop Da Whoop face. The game asks you: "Be honest... did you manage to do the last question on your first go?", with the only two possible choices being "Yes!" or "No...".

The answer depends on the outcome of the previous question the first time you got there since loading the Flash/App.

  • If you failed the first time and then you got it right in any of your following attempts, then you have to click "No...".
  • If you actually passed Question 59 on your first go since opening the game, you have to click "Yes!". However, if you fail at any time after this, all subsequent runs will require you to answer "No...". This may be accidental.

The question when clicking the wrong answer.

Selecting the wrong answer will make the question disappear, and in its place a different screen will appear, with a message that says "You Liar!" followed by "I'm sorry, but there's no place for liars in this quiz." and a smiling face. Also, there will be a clapping audience sound in the background. After that, you get an immediate Game Over.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of the Impossible Quiz, while the question and the answer mechanism remain exactly the same, you will not get a Game Over for selecting the wrong answer. You will just lose a life.

By being honest and saying the truth in this question, you reach the third Moron Mark of the mobile version.


  • This is the first variable question in the series, and the only one to appear in the original Quiz.
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