The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 60
TIQ2 - 60

Medium (Easy on mobile)


10 seconds


Longcat (meme)

Question 60 of The Impossible Quiz 2 greets you with a 10-second bomb and a small tag with the words "Do not pull", which is tied to something out of sight through the upper edge of the screen. There is no other message on sight.

To solve this question, you must pull the tag. Doing so will reveal what appear to be the hind feet and the tail of an animal of white fur. Keep on pulling it down and you'll see it has a really long body which goes up and up, seemingly endlessly.

TIQ2 - 60 (1)

You don't say!?

You have to keep on pulling it, and eventually you'll reach the head and front feet of the animal, which turns out to be a cat with a surprised face. After this, a message will appear on screen saying "Longcat is LOOOOOOOONG!", and a second later you'll be in the next question.


  • In the mobile version, Longcat is much shorter.
  • In the PC version, Longcat is about 10 screens long.

Mobile version

Question 60 (iOS)
Screenshot 2014-06-01-22-34-15




In the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, due to question lineup changes, Longcat was sent to Question 62, and a brand new question took this one's spot.

The new Question 60 says "What % of people have trouble with fractions?", with possible answers being "5 out of 3", "Five fourths", "12 in 10" and "This author". The correct option is "This author", because in case you didn't notice when you got here, none of the options is an actual percentage, but rather fractions written in letters.

By outsmarting the author of this question, you reach the mobile version's third Moron Mark.

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