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Question 61
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ZX Spectrum

Question 61 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the eleventh question of the second Chapter, and the first one representing the ZX Spectrum-inspired video game era, coming right after the firmware update of The Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy following the "Pong" mini-game. The ZX Spectrum, or rather its in-game iteration (the "ZX Splapptrum"), brings some colour to these questions, while still containing the pixelated graphics of the time.

Incidentally, this question is about the system's graphical limitations: it says "How many colours in the Spectrum?", with the possible answers being "Seven (7)", "Nine (9)", "Twelve (12)" and "Fifteen (15)".

ZX Spectrums could have eight different colours, with all but one of them having a normal variation and a slightly darker variation (the exception being black, which can't be any darker than it already is). This means that having 7 normal colours, 7 slightly darker variations of said colours and lastly black, these all add up to a total of 15 colours.

Therefore, the answer to this question is "Fifteen (15)", which is the biggest possible amount of colours the Spectrum's palette can have.

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