The Impossible Quiz
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Question 62 from the Impossible Quiz shows eleven different drawings, and above them there's a statement that reads "It'th thimple. Click the moth!". The drawn items include an Easter Island Moai (big head statue), a piece of moss, a 24-Carat gold ingot, a brown moth with an odd face, a mop, an eyeball, a yellow-and-pink moth with a goofy face, some bushes, a thimble, a red-and-white checkered blanket, and a banana.

The answer to this question is not any of the two moths, neither is the mop. It has been written in a way so that all of the S's are pronounced as "th", like people with a lisp do. That way, what the question is actually telling you is to click the piece of moss: "It's simple. Click the moss!". The moss is located on the left end of the screen, right below the Moai and above the gold ingot. 


  • This question is a reprise of Question 10, where the task tells you what to click.
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