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Question 63
TIQB - 063



10 seconds


XBox 360's "Red ring of death"

Question 63 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the thirteenth question of Chapter 2, and the third one of the ZX Spectrum/Splapptrum video game era. It also contains a black pixelated 10-second bomb.

You're asked "How do you get rid of the red ring of death?", and the potential answers you're given are "Use a hammer", "Look away", "Buy a PS3" and "There is a cream for it".

The "red ring of death" is the nickname given to a specific instance of the XBox 360's integrated indicator of techincal issues: there are four thin lights arranged like a circle around the power button, and the problem your console has will depend on how many of these lights glow red when you turn it on (if they glow green, you're good to play the game, and they even show how many players are on); when three of these lights glow red, it means your console suffered a general hardware failure, which means like if you're pretty much doomed. Hence the name of this instance.

Back to this question, as sensible as "Buy a PS3" would be, the answer is not that. The rest of the answers aren't correct either. In fact, the question isn't referring to the XBox 360 red ring at ANY point (other than the aforementioned term); there is one red ring on screen, and it's the one surrounding the question number.

In order to get rid of the ring, you simply must hold the Up arrow key on your keyboard; this way, that ring will slowly slide upwards, right into the red borders of the Splapptrum's screen, thus making it disappear. You will then proceed to the next question.

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