The Impossible Quiz
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Question 64

Somewhat easy


Nintendo DS, Sony PSP

Question 64 of The Impossible Quiz only says "Which is true?", followed by four options that read "PSP > DS", "DS > PSP", "PSP = DS" and "Egg > 28".

The correct choice in this question is "Egg > 28". The answer itself is random[1], with no logic to it. The key is that the wrong answers are either outright wrong or subjective fanboyism[2].

The PSP and DS are obviously not the same device, so "PSP = DS" is wrong. At the same time, neither is objectively greater than the other, thus the options comparing the two are also false.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of the Impossible Quiz, the question remains exactly the same. However, the first three options were changed to prevent Copyright infringement; instead, they now read "CIA > FBI", "FBI > CIA" and "CIA = FBI".

The answer is still the fourth one, "Egg > 28". The logic still applies; CIA and FBI are not the same, and neither is objectively greater than the other.


  1. Why Egg > 28
  2. Fanboyism = NO GOOD
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