The Impossible Quiz
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Question 64 of The Impossible Quiz only says "Which is true?", followed by four options that read "PSP > DS", "DS > PSP", "PSP = DS" and "Egg > 28".

The PSP and DS are obviously not the same device, so "PSP = DS" is wrong. At the same time, neither is objectively greater than the other, thus the options comparing the two are also false.

Thus, the correct choice in this question is "Egg > 28". The answer itself is random[1], with no logic to it. The key is simply that the other answers are either outright wrong or subjective fanboyism[2].

Mobile version

In the iOS version of the Impossible Quiz, the question remains exactly the same. However, the first three options were changed to prevent Copyright infringement; instead, they now read "CIA > FBI", "FBI > CIA" and "CIA = FBI".

The answer is still the fourth one, "Egg > 28". The logic still applies; CIA and FBI are not the same, and neither is objectively greater than the other.


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