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Question 64
TIQ2 - 64



15 seconds


Spatulons (fictional species by Splapp)

Question 64 of The Impossible Quiz 2 contains two seemingly identical images of a Spatulon in its native planet, assuming from the background, and above them a task that says "Spot the difference!" in big letters, followed by "There's 6, by the way". The Quiz's main music will come to a halt, and the bugle call "Reveille" (that typical trumpet tune used to wake up people in the military or in similar groups) will play in the background while you're in this question. There's also a 15-second bomb to hurry you up as well.

TIQ2 - 64 (2)

In case you don't wanna read the differences, here you go!

In case you couldn't tell, you have to find six differences between the image on the left and the one on the right. These differences are barely noticeable unless you inspect them in detail, and you have to mark them on the drawing of the right (trying to click them in the drawing on the left will do absolutely nothing). The six differences are, in no particular order, the following:

  • The Saturn-like planet in the sky is differently coloured.
  • One of the mountains in the background has a spatula on its peak in the right image, which is missing in the left one. (It's on the right half of both images.)
  • There's a tiny cloud above the righternmost mountain's spatula in the left image, which is missing in the other one. (It's REALLY tiny, so be careful!)
  • The little bag under the Spatulon's left eye (right eye from your point of view) in the image on the left is missing in the one in the right.
  • The very last tooth on the Spatulon's mouth, the tiniest one, is missing in the image on the right.
  • The brown spot on the floor to the left of the Spatulon in the first image is missing on the other one.

When you get to this question, don't hesitate using a fusestopper! As you find them, they'll be circled in red, and after finding all of them, the bomb's countdown will stop on its tracks, before you're sent to the next question.

Mobile version

Due to some changes in question order of the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, this question was moved to number 66, and the question that took this one's space was Question 62 ("Which cheese is made backwards?"). Additionally, this question does not halt the music in the iOS version.

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