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Question 65
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Stella Artois (alcohol)

Question 65 of The Impossible Quiz 2 asks "What is a cow's favourite beverage?", with the possible answers being "Water", "Milk", "Stella Artois" and "Goat's blood".

The answer to this question is "Goat's blood".

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Question 65 (iOS)
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Since the order of some questions was changed around for the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, and this question was moved to number 67 (And 'Artois' being removed from the third option), a new question had to fill this one's spot. The new Question 65 says "Why do melons in love have to have a big wedding?". The possible answers are "Melons are very religious", "Melons love to party", "They can't run off to Vegas" and "No one loves a bastard melon".

The answer is "They can't run off to Vegas", because melons have no legs to begin with, and Las Vegas has a reputation as the best place for express marriages (ease of acquiring a marriage license, minimal costs, and a big variety of wedding types); since melons can't have a Vegas-like marriage, they're forced to do a proper one.

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