The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 65 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the fifteenth question of Chapter 2, and the fifth one belonging in the ZX Splapptrum/Spectrum era of video games. What you're asked is "What is the name of the prequel to Metal Gear Solid?", potential answers being "Snake's on a Plane", "Wooden Cog Soft", "Tetris" and "Metal Gear Flaccid".

The correct one is "Metal Gear Flaccid", because "flaccid" is the opposite of "solid", both words referring to the firmness of something; it would kind of make sense if it was "flaccid" before being "solid".


  • The phrase "Snake's on a plane" is a two-way reference. First, the title is near identical to the movie title "Snakes on a plane". However, it is meant to mean "Snake is on a plane", referencing the character Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.
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