The Impossible Quiz
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Question 66 of The Impossible Quiz is the third bomb question in the game. It states "Hurry up! It's the end of the world!". The possible choices include "Australia", "Armageddon", "D", and "OMFG!!1". There are also meteors showering from above and causing a really noisy havoc. It's an unskippable question as well.

This is another trick question. It wants to know what's at the end of the words "the world". The answer is NOT "D", but rather the exclamation mark located at the very end of the sentences on the top, right after the words "the world". Click it in order to proceed.

Mobile version

While the question and its answer remain exactly the same in the iOS version of the Impossible Quiz, the fourth option, "OMFG!!1" was replaced with "Crap!!1" to prevent content issues.


  • One of the "Tips of the Day" from the loading screen of The Impossible Quiz 2 references this question.
  • This question was reused as Question 121 in The Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 3), with the same apocalyptic meteor shower from the original, which does fit with the time-travelling theme of the chapter (though the question looks more damaged compared to the original).
    • The option "OMFG!!1" was replaced with "2012", referencing the so-called "end of the world" according to the Mayans.
    • While the exclamation mark is still a clickable option, it's not the correct answer this time around; rather, you have to click the time scar beside the question, which will send a meteor back in time to a prehistoric era, killing all of the dinosaurs.
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