The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 66
TIQ2 - 66



10 seconds


Ponk (character by Splapp)

Fusestopper Location

The purple flower on his neck

Question 66 of The Impossible Quiz 2 puts you in front of Ponk, a character by Splapp-Me-Do which can be seen for the first time in his Eye-on-Legs comic "Army". Here, you're face to face with him, with no actual task on screen, though you can clearly see a 10-second bomb in the usual place. There are a handful of leaves over this creature's body.

Your task is to click on all the leaves on Ponk's body (except for the ones on his neck) to rip them off. It's easy if you stay calm and don't let the bomb's countdown bother you. Click on them one by one and eventually you'll have removed all of them, to which Ponk will wink at you, delighted.

You can obtain the game's third and final Fusestopper in this question; you just have to click on the purple flower located on Ponk's neck and you'll get it instantly.

Mobile version

For some reason, this question was omitted from the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2. The question that took this one's place is Question 64, where you have to find the 6 differences between two copies of a Spatulon's picture. The differences are the same, though the game's main background music won't stop playing at any point.

The final Fusestopper of the game was relocated to the new Question 45 due to the absence of Ponk in the mobile version.

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