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Question 67
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"SimCity" (game)

Question 67 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the seventeenth question of Chapter 2, and the seventh one of the ZX Spectrum-inspired part of the game.

This question actually consists of an addition of two coloured squares, a blue one and a yellow one, containing a "C" and an "I" respectively, followed by "= ?", meaning you have to determine the result of this "addition". The possible answers to this operation include "Residential", "Loading...", "Green" and "Salad Cream".

The correct one in this case is "Residential", referencing the video game "SimCity", which has blue commercial zones (C), yellow industrial zones (I), and green residential zones (R). The number of residential zones should match the sum of the other zones (C + I), so that there are enough residents to work in commerce and industry. In addition, green is a mix of blue and yellow on the colour spectrum.

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