The Impossible Quiz
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Question 68 of The Impossible Quiz contains the series' mascot, Chris the cat, sitting on a chair, and beside him a vertical bar. There is no message of any kind on screen.

To get past this question, you need to stroke Chris using the cursor so that the bar rises. Once it gets to the top, Chris will let out a strange-sounding, prolonged "meow", before you're sent to the next question.

This is a safe question, so there is no way for you to lose any life, no matter what part of the screen you click.


  • This is the first appearance of Chris in the Impossible Quiz series. Later on, he would be redesigned to have a slightly more anthropomorphic look.
  • Chris's name wasn't revealed until The Impossible Quiz 2: it is stated in the credits, and you're asked for it during Question 16.
  • A similar question appears in The Impossible Quiz Book, Chapter 3, as Question 114. Its look and presentation are nearly identical to this one, except it is a Bomb question.
    • If you try to stroke Chris in this question, you'll create a time paradox. He will disappear from existence in a rather disturbing way, and you'll get a Game Over. This is because you are playing as Chris in The Impossible Quiz Book, and he is not supposed to touch his past self.
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