The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 68 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the eighteenth question of Chapter 2, and the eighth question following the ZX Spectrum-inspired visual theme.

In this case, you're put in front of several blocks in a white background; most of these blocks are made out of iron, but two of them seem to be boulders or wooden blocks. The task, located in the middle of the screen rather than the top, tells you to "Destroy the soft blocks.". A 10-second bomb starts ticking down as soon as the entire screen has been printed on the Splapptrum.

Naturally, you won't attempt to interact with the iron blocks, since these are definitely not soft at all; in fact, clicking them will take a life away from you. You will probably assume that you must click on the brown blocks to destroy them and proceed; this, however, is also wrong, since you will also lose a life if you try to click them.

The position of each of the soft blocks are respect of the bomb's position. This is because in reality, the whole point of this question is that you need the bomb's assistance to proceed: as soon as the timer on the bomb reaches zero, it will go off. Though instead of giving you an instant Game Over, it will just create two linear expansive waves that will destroy both of the soft blocks in the process, letting you proceed on the following question. This is similar to the Bomberman series, where the bombs send expansive waves that destroy objects when they blow up.


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