The Impossible Quiz
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Question 69 from The Impossible Quiz says "Are you enjoying the quiz?", with the potential answers being "Yes", "No", "I'm lovin' it!", and "LOL, 69".

The answer in this case is "LOL, 69", because you are in that question number, and 69 also represents a sex position, making it the most interesting or funniest thing to say in here.


  • "LOL, 69" became a staple of the series, being referenced at least once per game, usually when getting to any instance with the number 69:
    • During the loading screen of The Impossible Quiz 2, when it reaches 69%, the red circle at the top left corner that usually displays the loaded percentage will actually display "LOL 69".
    • Also in The Impossible Quiz 2, Question 69 contains a simple substraction, "69 - 67". While the question itself does not reference the sex position, one of the four possible answers is "LOL" (it's not the correct one, though).
    • Question 120 from the same Quiz has eleven different possible tasks you could get upon arriving there, and what you have to do is to choose the question number that corresponds with said task. One of the possible variations simply gives you the task "LOL", to which the answer is obviously "69".
    • Question 52 from The Impossible Quiz Book gives you the task "Hi-Score 000010169", with one of the possible answers being "LOL 69". It's not the correct answer, though (even though 10169 looks like LOL 69).
    • On TIQ Book, Question 69 gives you "LOL, 69" as the task, which is pointing at the question number. There are four options below, none of which are correct. All you have to do is to press the question number 69 times in order to proceed.
    • Question 90 from TIQ Book also references 69, Chris is Level 69, it reads as L69.
  • In Splapp-Me-Do's animated short Organ Story, Lloyd (the main character)'s doorbell has 69 written on it, as seen in the beginning.
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