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Question 69
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10 seconds; non-defusable



Question 69 of The Impossible Quiz 2 is a 10-second bomb question that consists a suspicious subtraction: "69 - 67 = ?". The possible answer choices include "17", "2.003", "68" and "LOL".

It's certainly not "2.003", since it's not exactly the result of the subtraction; and surprisingly, it's not "LOL" either, even though it could have been a fun way to respond considering the question number. The Fusestopper doesn't wake up during this question for some odd reason. So it seems like there's no other choice but to let the bomb go off, isn't there?

In a way, this is true: the result of the subtraction is obviously 2. The only number "2" on screen is the one in the second option, but it's not correct because it's a decimal number. You have to wait for the bomb's timer reach 2. In order to proceed, you must click the bomb once the timer on it has reached 2; this is why you can't use your Fusestopper in this question, otherwise the question would be impossible to complete.

Needless to say, if you don't click the bomb in time and its timer reaches 1, then this question automatically becomes impossible to complete normally, thus forcing you to either use a Skip or simply get a Game Over.

Mobile version

Question 69 (iOS)
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10 seconds



As the result of the many question changes in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, this subtraction was placed as Question 71, and a completely new question took this one's place. The new Question 69 is also a 10-second bomb question, which simply asks you "Plastic or paper?". The potential answers are "Plastic", "Neither", "Paper" and "Plaster".

But even if you were meant to choose only ONE of them... why not choose both? The correct option is "Plaster", which combines both "plastic" and "paper" into one word. It's worth noting that the term "plaster" refers to a building material used for coating walls and ceilings, and also to adhesive bandage.

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