The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 69 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the nineteenth question of Chapter 2, and the ninth and penultimate question to follow the ZX Spectrum/Splapptrum visual theme. It's also referencing a certain recurring in-joke of the Impossible Quiz series, and you can probably already imagine which one it is.

This question's message only consists of the sentence "<- LOL 69", with the arrow pointing at the question number. The potential answers to this question include "Armpits", "Sausage Roll", "Foetus" and "Bumcheeks".

No matter what ever crossed your mind that made you think any of these four options could have been the correct one, the reality is that they are not. In fact, the question number itself is clickable; doing so only seems to light it up, colouring it purple for a millisecond before going back to white, but this is what you have to do repeatedly if you want to move on.

What you must actually do in order to proceed is to click the question number a grand total of 69 times.

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