The Impossible Quizmas
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Question 6 of The Impossible Quizmas shows Chris wearing a Santa hat and sticking his tongue out. There are no clickable objects on the screen, and the cursor moves Chris' paws, which are holding a candy cane.

Moving the candy cane across Chris' mouth will cause him to lick the cane, slowly dissolving the red stripes. To proceed to the next question, you must help Chris to finish his delicious treat, by licking away the red stripes completely.



"The Illusion is Shattered"

  • Moving the cursor up to the top of the screen will reveal Chris' paws to be dismembered, which is the true reason why Chris requires assistance in licking the candy cane. This will unlock the "Jesus Christ!" medal in the Newgrounds version of the game.
  • Chris' appearance in this question was one of the early teasers for the game.
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