The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 70
TIQ2 - 70 (1)

Very easy

Special Attributes

Variable; randomised number of hits
Safe Question



Question 70 of The Impossible Quiz 2 features Chris, who's apparently looking at you with a completely blank stare. Above him, there's a sentence that claims that "The fate of Chris is in your hands!". There is no bomb and the whole screen is a clickable object.

You simply have to click anywhere on the screen, which will cause Chris to get beaten by three people from different angles. It's really important that you memorise how many times he got punched in total, because Question 75 will ask you this, and there are a handful of options there.

TIQ2 - 70 (2)

After getting beaten, Chris, covered in blood and with a bruised eye, will mew in the same way he did in his first appearance and just faint, and you'll move on to the next question.

It's highly important that you do not skip this question (even though you can) otherwise you won't know what to answer when you're asked how many times he got punched here. Besides, the number of punches changes every gameplay.

Mobile version

There were many changes in the question order of the iOS port of The Impossible Quiz 2. This question saw one of the most notable changes, being relocated to number 51. The question that took this one's spot is Question 68 ("Would you like a checkpoint now?").

Likewise, the question that asks you how many times Chris got punched in the face, which was Question 75 in the Flash version, was moved to the spot of Question 55 in the mobile version. Unlike in the flash version, Chris is wearing his collar in this question.


  • This is the only overtly bloody question not to be removed or altered in the iOS release of the quiz.
    • Question 28 is still in the game, though it does not feature Leonidas' bleeding eyes. However, this was due to Leonidas himself being removed as a result of copyright, not necessarily because of the blood.
    • Question 65 (iOS 67) still has Goat's Blood as the correct answer, though it is written, not shown.
    • The first panel in question 102 (iOS 101) is still covered in blood marks, though it is much less obvious than in this question.
    • Chris still appears bloodied during the Incredible 20 and when presenting the trophy at the end of the quiz.
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