The Impossible Quiz
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Question 72 of The Impossible Quiz is the second searching question of the game (and the third in the series), where the screen is completely black and you must find one small object, which is a light switch. It's a safe question, so you're free to click wherever you want on the screen without losing any lives..

Lemur! (This is me!)

The lemur that you see when you power on the light.

You must find a clickable spot among the darkness, which is where the switch is located. It's on the far left end of the screen, somewhere between the question number and the lives. Once clicked, the light on the top of the screen will be turned on, revealing a picture of a ring-tailed lemur.

Mobile version

Upon tapping the switch, you will see a very angry ring-tailed lemur, completely different from the one seen in the flash version. The lamp is also missing.


  • Question 105 in The Impossible Quiz 2 also requires you to look for a light switch in the darkness, though in that case it's located under the question number itself. The picture is different too.
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