The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 72 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-second question in the Book's second Chapter, and the second one representing the Retro video game era. This time you're introduced to a short, nameless mini-game manufactured by the Phlovomites, which is an homage to the 1984 NES video game, "Duck Hunt"!

You're put in the middle of a long-grass area that bears a striking resemblance to the game that inspired it, complete with the tree and the bush. There is no task on screen at all, only a 10-second bomb. Shortly after getting here, four Phlovomite-like ducks will fly across the screen, at different times and coming from different directions.

  • Successful!
  • The question when failed

What you must do here is to shoot all four ducks by clicking on them before they get the chance to escape. You must be extremely quick here, because if you fail to shoot even a single one, a Phlovomite will come out of the grass and laugh at your utter failure (just like the dog of the original), while the timer of this question's bomb inevitably runs out, letting it explode and giving you a Game Over!

If you are successful, the Phlovomite will rather come out holding the corpses of the Phlovo-ducks rejoicing and the bomb's timer will stop, before you're safely sent to the next question.


  • There is a glitch in this question, where if you shoot a duck when it's too close to the edge of the screen, it will count as a missed duck, forcing you to watch the bomb go off and giving you a Game Over.
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