The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 74
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Demo Question 10

Question 74 of The Impossible Quiz 2 originated as Question 10 in the Demo of the first Quiz. It only contains the task "Click 'yes' to exit". The possible answers to this question are "Yes", "No", "Cancel" and "Exit".

It's really important that, no matter what happens, you should not click "Yes". Doing so, like the question tells you, will actually make you exit sending you right back to the game's loading screen. This in a way replicates the effect of getting a question wrong in the Demo, which would give you an instant Game Over. The correct answer is "No", since you obviously refuse to quit the game already, especially at this point of the Quiz. The last two options will just take a life away from you.

Mobile version

In the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, as the result of some question rearrangements, this question became Question 75, with the original Question 73 (the one that has Simon the Topiarian Monster cutting a bush) taking this one's spot.


Demo 10

The original question, as it appears in the Demo.

  • In The Impossible Quiz Book, there's two similar cases of the game tempting you to click something that will instantly restart the whole Flash.
    • The first one is Question 26 from Chapter 1, where one of the options says "Please don't press this", obviously trying to lure you into clicking it by using reverse psychology.
    • The second case was in Question 94 from Chapter 2, where you had as possible options "Restart" and "Shut down"; the first one wouldn't do anything to you, but the other one actually will restart the whole Flash.
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