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Question 74 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-fourth question of the Book's second Chapter. It's the fourth question of the section of the game inspired by Retro video games, but in this case it doesn't feature the era's characteristic 8-bit/16-bit graphics; rather, the game alludes to a common characteristic of home consoles: having to change your telly's channel in order to see the game in action.

Correctly answering the previous question will make the Guide change to channel "AV2", displaying a high-quality rotating space background, with option boxes made out of metal, as well as the question and options themselves being written with Splapp-Me-Do's characteristic handwriting. Consider it a foreshadowing of what you will see upon reaching the final section of the game, right after the upcoming firmware update.

Back into this question, you're asked "How many letters in settlers?". The potential answers to this question are "One", "Four", "Eight" and "None". The correct one would be "One", because the world "settler" is an anagram of "letters", which means the word "letters" (or rather, the letters that form it) appears once in the word "settler".


  • This question is very similar to Question 11 of Chapter 1, which asked "How many letters in assassins?". The answer in that case is "Four", since there are four s's in assassin.
    • It's also similar to Question 100 from the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, where you were asked "How many letters in Mississippi?", with the answer also being "Four", since that's the amount of S's in the word "Mississippi", or the amount of different letters used to spell the word.
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