The Impossible Quiz
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Question 75 of The Impossible Quiz simply tells you to "Be prepared". There is a large bomb in the centre of the screen with a match being lit to it. Right after it has been lit, a one-second timer appears on the bomb, along with the message "Think fast!" in red above it. An arrow-shaped button with the word "Escape" will appear right under the question number as well. Players who see this question for the first time will most likely get a Game Over before they even get a chance to react.

It is highly recommended that you put the cursor right below the question number as soon as you enter the question. Once the bomb has been lit, quickly click the on-screen "Escape" button (not to be confused with the keyboard button) to continue.

If you were quick (or lucky) enough to escape from that bomb, you will be awarded with the fifth Skip of the game.


  • This is one of the three questions in the entire Impossible Quiz series where you're presented with a one-second bomb. The other two questions are in The Impossible Quiz 2, specifically Question 29 (although you have to move your mouse around in order to uncover the hidden bombs), and Question 90 (though you'd have to wait 25 seconds for the one-second bomb to appear).
  • This is one of two questions in this quiz with a large bomb in the centre. The other being Question 94.
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