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Question 76
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Question 76 of The Impossible Quiz 2 asks "If you have £40 in one hand and £20 in the other, what have you got?" (the £ symbol means "pound", which is the unit of currency of some territories, including the UK, where Splapp lives). The potential answers are "£60", "AIDS", "Mmm... breasts" and the formula for a circle's area ("πr²").

The answer is not "£60", even though it's technically right. The actual answer to this one is "AIDS". Splapp-Me-Do has stated in a Tumblr post that there is no real logic behind this question; rather, the answer is "AIDS" out of pure randomness instead of an actual explanation.

Mobile version

Question 76 (iOS)
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Self-referential; omitted questions

Since the content of the original question would have been a bit offensive for some people, it was replaced completely in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, with the new question even shedding some light on the matter: you're asked "What did we do with all the tasteless questions from the Flash version?". The possible answers are "Nothing", "Deleted them", "Ate them" and "Kept them".

The answer is really easy, and quite obvious if you think about it. A handful of questions from the Flash versions of both Quizzes had to be replaced in their respective iOS ports because they were a bit inadequate, especially so for a mobile application (even Splapp himself has admitted that he finds some questions of his first Quiz "a little cringeworthy" and "borderline offensive"[1]).

This kind of questions do not appear at any point of the mobile edition, so the correct answer to this question would be "Deleted them".


  • Notice the "we" in the mobile version of this question, which hints at the fact that some of these brand new questions weren't made by Splapp at all, but rather by the group of people that took part on the recreation of the game for the iOS.
    • Splapp has even stated in a Tumblr post that he didn't come up with all of the replacements in the mobile release of the first Quiz; one of his deviantArt journals even states that he didn't come up with ANY of the new questions in the second Quiz, admitting that they vary in quality (some of them being actually fun while others are just plain bad).


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