The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 76 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-sixth question of Chapter 2, and the sixth question that follows the theme inspired by the Retro video game era. This time around, there is no task nor options of any kind on screen; rather, the scenario is set in the middle of a pixelated grassy area where there are flowers, the blue sky and what appears to be a sheep with pronunciated eyelashes, face powder and bright red lips, indicating it's definitely a female one.

She's making an odd motion, balancing back and forth in place, and whenever you click her, she simply makes a noisy bleat, with some yellow curve lines drawn next to her mouth representing that sound. There is also a 10-second bomb as well.

Solving this question might require you to think a little about the alternative name of this animal: the term used to refer to a fully-grown female sheep is "ewe"; this word is pronounced exactly like the letter "U", so to pass this question, the only thing you require to do is to press the "U" key on your keyboard.

Chapter 3 will feature a similar situation in Question 133, though it will have a sunset sky and no bomb, and there will be two ewes instead of one. In that particular case, you have to press "W", which can be read as "double ewe".


  • Aside from the aforementioned Question 133, there are a handful of other questions in The Impossible Quiz Book that require you to press a single key on your keyboard to proceed, namely:
    • Question 8, from Chapter 1: Press H (the seventh letter of the words "the alphabet").
    • Question 17, from Chapter 1: Press C ("sea").
    • Question 32, from Chapter 1: Press M (the answer to the riddle).
    • Question 35, from Chapter 1: Press P ("pee").
    • Question 144, from Chapter 3: Press Y ("Why... just why?").
  • The Impossible Quiz 2 also has many questions where the you only need to press one key:
    • Question 7: Press the right arrow key ("Use the right key!").
    • Question 27: Press 1 ("Quick! Press one!").
    • Question 58: Press the Space bar (the scenario is set in space).
    • Question 86: Press U (the letter after T in the alphabet).
  • Out of every question mentioned in the previous facts, only four of them had a bomb aside from this question (namely Questions 27 and 86 from The Impossible Quiz 2, and Questions 32 and 144 from The Impossible Quiz Book); this question, however, is the only one of these five that didn't have an explicit task, instead only presenting you with a picture.
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