The Impossible Quiz
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Question 78 of The Impossible Quiz simply wonders: "Déjà vu?", and below that there are four option boxes containing answers from previous questions:

  • The first option box says "Four", which comes from Question 1 ("How many holes in a polo?").
  • The second option box, "100", came from Question 74 ("How many questions does this quiz have?").
  • The third one says, "Cillit Bang" which came from Question 25 ("How do you kill a werewolf?").
  • "+1 life", the last option, comes from Question 22 ("The choice is yours").

You're meant to click the one that has been correct in its corresponding question, since "Déjà vu" means "Already Seen" in French. Out of all of these options, only one of them was the correct answer to its respective question: the first option, "Four", which is the correct answer for "How many number of holes in a polo." So click "Four" in order to proceed.

Mobile version

This question remains exactly the same in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, though the third option, "Cillit Bang", was once again replaced with something else to avoid Copyright issues with the brand name. In this case, it was replaced with "42", from Question 42, though it's still not correct since it is not the 42nd one; the answer remains "Four".

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