The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 79
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Question 79 of The Impossible Quiz 2 contains a rather weird task for you to complete, which says: "Dragon here, please", with a red arrow that comes out of the message pointing an empty circle right above the second Skip (or its space if you didn't get it). There's also a drawing of a green dragon below the task; his right eye seems to be a little irritated. There's nothing on screen that could make you lose a life or give you a Game Over.

In reality, the dragon is meant to be misleading, since you don't have to do anything with it in order to proceed. What the question's task is asking you is to "drag 'on'" there, so what you actually have to do is just click and hold your mouse on the "on" in "dragon", and then move it over to the empty circle in order to proceed.

Mobile version

The question remains the same in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2. The only 2 differences here is that the dragon can be dragged away with your finger, and when you drag "on" into the circle, you must wait a second.

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