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Question 7 of the Impossible Quiz Demo, which was also intended to be the seventh question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, simply says: "Shanghai?". The options you're given are are "Is indeed the capital of China", "Never been", "Why is there a question mark there?" and "No, about 20cm off the ground".

Even though the first three options look like sensible ways of answering this odd question, the truth is that NONE of them are correct. Rather, the answer in this case is "No, about 20cm off the ground" because "Shanghai" sounds like saying "She hung high" or "She hang high", and the answer states that whoever the question is talking about actually hung really close to the ground.

This question also appeared as the fifty-fourth question of the full Impossible Quiz. The options were slightly different than in here, but the answer is still the same.

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