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Question 80 of The Impossible Quiz is the only question that originated as an idea by Rabble. It's a fill-in-the-blank question that says "Sell your liver to...", with the possible choices being "Filthy Romanians", "Satan", "Anne Frank", and "4chan for the lulz".

The answer to this question is "Filthy Romanians", because back when the Quiz came out in 2007, Romania was known to have the highest Hepatitis rate of the world[1][2], and Hepatitis is a medical condition characterized by the inflamation of the liver, among other symptoms. It is unknown if the country still holds that rate.

Mobile version

The original question was probably deemed to be too offensive for a mobile release, so for the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, it was replaced with a totally new one. The new Question 80 contained a task that said "To answer this question you need to know what Poker means." The possible choices include "What are Poker", "How do I Poker?", "Poker in the rear?" and "It's a card game, fool!".

None of the option boxes are the correct answer: the word "Poker" in the task is meant to be read as "Poke R". That way, what you are meant to do in order to proceed is to touch (poke) the letter "R" in the word "Poker" of the task.

By poking the "R" and moving on to the next question, you reach the fourth Moron Mark of the mobile version.


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