The Impossible Quiz
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Question 81 of The Impossible Quiz shows a lightning pole on a green lawn in the middle of a dark, cloudy night; next to it, an electrical machine with a screen. There are no bombs and no clickable options, and the lightning pole is the only interactive object on display. This is a safe question, which means you can click anywhere without losing any life.

To pass this question, you need to rub the pole up and down using your cursor, until a lightning strikes down on it, which will give the machine the energy needed to turn on and display a green glowing arrow on its screen. Click this arrow to continue.


  • Question 47 in The Impossible Quiz Book also requires you to rub a pole up and down using your cursor to attract electricity, though that particular situation also involved a huge Tesla coil instead of a thunder, as well as Badly Drawn Dawg and his pups chewing on the pole.
  • The question number is darker red, instead of red. When you make lighting, for 0.3 seconds it turns red, and then again darker red.
  • In the mobile version, the question number is still written in Splapp's handwriting, rather than the font the mobile version usually uses.
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