The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 81
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Rabid-Coot's deviantArt

Question 81 of The Impossible Quiz 2 tells you to "Click the anser!". Yes, not the answer, but actually the anser. Below this weird task there are 10 pictures of different animals, all of them taken from the deviantArt page one of the game's collaborators, Rabid-Coot (formerly called Etinogard). There are five of them in the top row and the other five in the bottom row. These animal pictures are your options, and you've got to click whichever of them is the anser.

From left to right, starting with the top row, these are the animals from the options (as well as the link to their respective full images in Rabid-Coot's deviantArt page):

The term "anser" refers to a genus that includes all the grey-coloured geese. Therefore, the anser in this question is the second-to-last picture of the bottom row, with the bean goose. Click it to proceed.


  • The task of this question is similar to the task of Question 4 in the first quiz, but with the 'W' removed and an added exclamation mark at the end.
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