The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 82
TIQ2 - 82



PC: 8 seconds (non-defusable)
iOS: 10 seconds (non-defusable)



Question 82 of The Impossible Quiz 2 only states that "If you think for long enough the answer's obvious". The options you're given are "Flan", "Handcuffs", "Athlete's face" and lastly, "Obvious". There's also an 8-second bomb in here.

The answer is, without any doubt, "Obvious"; however, there's a twist to this question: clicking that option as soon as you arrive here will actually take a life away from you! Take a good look at the question's message, and you'll realise it says that "obvious" is the answer if (and only if) you think for long enough.

In other words, to advance to the next question, you have to wait until the bomb's timer reaches the 3-second mark. As soon as it does, the "Obvious" option box will become the correct answer, and you'll be able to click it to safely move on to the next question. You can click it at any point between the 3 seconds and the detonation of the bomb.

This is why the Fusestoppers won't wake up to disintegrate the bomb, otherwise the question would become impossible to complete.

Mobile version

The question remains exactly the same in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2. The difference here is that the bomb now starts at 10 seconds rather than at 8, plus you have to wait until the timer reaches the 2-second mark to click the correct answer, instead of 3 seconds.

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