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Question 82 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-second question of Chapter 2, and the second one that belongs in the section of the game inspired by Modern video games.

This time around, there is no task on screen. Rather, you're put in the middle of a yard, where you can see long grass, fences, and trees. There's a brown smiling doll made out of fabric, who is none other than the main character of the "LittleBigPlanet" series of video games, Sackboy (or "Sack person", as some people prefer to call it, since its gender is never explicitly stated). He's just standing there, looking at you with a smile on his face, and he's the only thing you can interact with in this question.

TIQB - 082 (2)

The question when completed.

Also presented is a 15-second bomb, though it's a rather peculiar one: it's a red-coloured bomb. This new type of bomb, which will appear only once more further during this Chapter, lasts for two questions: the current one, and the one that follows it. This means that the time you have left after answering this question will be the time you're going to have to answer the next one. You must be quick because you might not have enough time to answer both of them.

Back to this question, Sackboy's head is a clickable object, and clicking it will make a pink balloon pop up just like the Square button of the controller does in the original game, containing six clickable options. These are small white silhouettes of Sackboy himself, a popit cursor, a Skip, a bomb, a Fusestopper, and a "tools bag". But these are just here to deceive you, since they are all wrong.

To actually proceed, the only thing you have to do here is to pull down the big shiny zipper that runs through Sackboy's entire chest. This will expose his innards, with his eyes popping out of their sockets and his tongue sticking out as he yells in agony, before you proceed to the next question.


  • One of the songs present in the soundtrack of the original "LittleBigPlanet" game from 2008 was the song "Get it Together" by The Go! Team; the year prior to the release of the game, this song had also been used as the first of the two background tracks of the first 100 questions of The Impossible Quiz 2.
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