The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 83
TIQ2 - 83



7 seconds


The Miracle of Maggot Birth (Splapp-Me-Do)

Question 83 of The Impossible Quiz 2 has nothing on screen at first sight, other than a 7-second bomb in the usual spot. However, if you hover your mouse around the screen, you'll see that a great part in the middle of the screen is an interactive object, while the surrounding parts are not. There's no proper task that tells you what to do.

TIQ2 - 83 (2)

Simply enough, all you have to do is to click and hold the left mouse button while in the middle of the screen, and drag it away, revealing below it a crater or hole with a single maggot, next to which is an arrow and the word "Next" written in the dirt. Click it to proceed.


  • This is the last main question to be neither changed or replaced in the iOS version.
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