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Question 85
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PC: Credits
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Question 85 of The Impossible Quiz 2 asks you "When is The Impossible Quiz 3 coming out?". The options you're given are "NEVAR!", "On the morrow", "It's already out in Japan" and "32nd Splapptember 3497".

This question is easy to answer if you for some particular reason took it on yourself to go to the "Credits" section in the game's main menu and stayed for the whole credits roll. There, near the end you will find Splapp's statement regarding whether or not there was going to be a third Impossible Quiz game in the series:

"And finally... I'm not making any more. Two is enough!"

This statement was of course made long before Splapp reached an agreement with E4 Games to create The Impossible Quiz Book. Technically there wasn't going to be a third installment in The Impossible Quiz series at the time. Even then, The Impossible Quiz 3 was never going to be actually created, aside from a 2008 April Fool's joke featuring ducks. Therefore, the answer to this question is the first one, "NEVAR!".

Mobile version

In the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, this question remains the same, and the answer is still located in the first option box, though instead of saying "NEVAR!", the option box says "SOON!". This, according to Splapp himself, is because he had granted permission to inXile Entertainment, the developers who ported the first 2 Impossible Quizzes to iOS, to create The Impossible Quiz 3 as a Facebook game. However, nothing came of this.


  • To this day, Splapp has kept his word about not creating The Impossible Quiz 3, as all sequels after TIQ2 have had unique titles, rather than being numbered sequels, such as The Impossible Quizmas, released in 2017.
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