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Question 86 from the Impossible Quiz reads: "I'm green and have sticky balls. Who am I?", with the possible answers being "The Incredible Hulk", "He-Man", "The Prince" and "Slippy Toad".

The answer is "The Prince", referring to the character known as "The Prince" from the Katamari video game series. The Prince is mostly green in appearance, and by "sticky balls" the question is referring to the Katamaris, which are giant bumpy balls that can be used to collect whatever stuff comes into contact with its surface.

Mobile version

This question was replaced with a different one in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, since including the name of any of the four characters mentioned in the options would bring Copyright issues aboard. The new Question 86 says "In which country are you likely to find someone with a grassy ass?", with the possible choices being "Spain", "Germany", "England" and "Germany, again".

The correct answer is "Spain", since the words "grassy ass" are a pun on the word "gracias", which means "thanks" or "thank you" in Spanish.

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