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Question 86
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Question 86 of The Impossible Quiz 2 asks "Which letter comes after T?", along with a 5-second bomb on its usual spot. The possible answer choices include "F", "L", "A" and "N".

At first glance, it seems like none of the answers is correct, right? Even more so considering they just spell "flan" together? Well, in reality, they are not correct. The letter that comes right after the "T" in the alphabet is "U", but where are you going to get a "U" to answer the question? On your keyboard, of course! All you have to do here is press the U key on your keyboard, and you're good to go to the next question.

Mobile version

Question 86 (iOS)
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Once again, due to the lack of a keyboard and therefore the inability to answer, this question had to be replaced in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2.

In the iOS version of the new question, think of christmas from sheep and bees, The new Question 86 says "What do sheep and bees think of Christmas?", with possible answers being options says: "They love it!", "They're Jewish", "They're scrooges" and "Nothing, they're sheep and bees". While "They love it!" seems the good answer The correct one of the answer is actually "They're scrooges", referring to them as miserly.


  • There are a handful of questions in this Quiz that require you to press a single key on your keyboard to proceed, namely:
  • The Impossible Quiz Book also has many questions where you only need to press one key:
  • The possible answers were made into one word in TIQB Question 58, where you would see "FLAN" being repeatedly copied if you clicked the 4th option in that question.
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