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Question 86 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-sixth question of Chapter 2, and the sixth question representing the Modern era of video games.

Particularly, this question is based on Splapp-Me-Do's 2010 Flash animation "Orbinauts", the sequel to his earlier animation "Sonic Breaks His Neck". This animation takes place in Labyrinth Zone, the fourth zone of the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game from 1991, narrating what became of the life of these round Badniks with spiked balls (called Orbinauts, or Unidus) after Sonic died.

Likewise, the setting of this question is in the yellow-tinted underwater ruins of Labyrinth Zone. There is one of these round robotic creations on the right side of the screen, seemingly staring at nothing in particular, as well as a normal 10-second bomb. No task is given to you, though the Orbinaut is the only interactable thing on screen right now.

What you have to do in this question is to move your mouse around his head, making him spin his mines around. This won't be easy though, because he will struggle a lot while trying to do so. You have to keep doing this for quite a while; it's STRONGLY recommended that you save your Fusestopper specifically for this, because the time on the bomb is extremely tight and you're most probably going to have problems trying to make it work!

After pushing himself to the limit, the Orbinaut will finally shoot his spiked balls towards the left side of the screen, as the timer on the bomb ceases to count down. Once all of his mines are gone, he'll just stay there with a long face. The only thing left for you to do then is to click him, and he'll pop out of your sight.


A well-known Pokémon by the name of Koffing will then come out from behind the ruins (similarly to how it does in the original animation), and you'll just be sent to the following question!


  • If you watch the full Flash animation, you can see that the Orbinaut seen in THIS question is actually looking at ANOTHER Orbinaut from offscreen.
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