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Question 88 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-eighth question of the Book's second Chapter, and the eighth question to have the visual theme inspired by the Modern era of video games. This question references the 2006 PS3-exclusive game "Genji: Days of the Blade", the second (and final) game of the "Genji" saga; more specifically, it is referencing the meme that spawned after the announcement of the video game in Sony's 2006 E3 conference: the "Giant Enemy Crab".

Put simple, the game was announced as being directly based on famous battles that actually took place in Ancient Japan, just like its predecessor; shortly after this statement, however, the gameplay footage displayed to the audience demonstrated a battle against, as defined by the announcer's own words, a (literal) "GIANT ENEMY CRAB". The chances of this "battle" actually being a part of Japan's history were the origin of the meme.

In this question, the scenario takes place in the middle of a city that is being stormed by a giant red crab, who is facing the screen with its mouth wide open and regurgitating water. An equally wide health bar labeled "Giant Enemy Crab" is located right above it, filled completely in green.

There is a 10-second bomb but no task whatsoever, though it is not hard to deduce what the player has to do here: they must fight the monster on their own and save the city from its doom. The player can repeatedly click on the crab to damage it, but it is just too strong. At the pace its health meter goes down by doing this, the player will never make it in time before the bomb goes off.

Another particular line from the original game's announcement that was ridiculed was about the main mechanism of the boss battle, which is the secret to completing this question: like in the game, to defeat this boss, the player have to find its weak spot. In this case, the crab's weak spot is located around its right armpit (left one from the player's point of view).

Repeatedly click on this part until the player finally hit its weak spot; this will cause the words "MASSIVE DAMAGE" to flash on screen in big red letters and it will begin exploding, with the yelling of people and some sirens in the background, as the health bar quickly depletes until its left completely empty. Shortly afterwards, with a giant "BOOM!", you'll be propelled to the next question.


  • The Fusestopper can be used in this question, giving the player an infinite amount of time to defeat the crab. If the player disintegrates the bomb and then hits the crab anywhere except on its weak spot until the bar depletes entirely, the crab will still not be defeated. Even with an empty health bar, the weak spot must be hit in order to successfully defeat the crab.
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