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Question 8
Demo 08




Question 8 of The Impossible Quiz Demo, which was also meant to be the eighth question of the unreleased The Impossible Quiz Beta, is the first one of the game that, rather than being recreated as a proper question on any of the full-length Quizzes, got recycled as one of the possible variations of Question 117 in The Impossible Quiz 2.

You're presented with some weird-looking guy in his underwear, who's lifting his hands in the air with a terrified look on its face as if it was reading the task of this question: "Choose the right nipple...". The clickable objects in this question are both of his nipples, as well as his belly button.

Don't get deceived: from your point of view, his right nipple is located on the left, but this is not the correct one. You have to click on the left nipple, which is located on the right side of the screen.

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