The Impossible Quizmas
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Question 8 of The Impossible Quizmas presents the player a picture of a crested duck edited with a Santa hat. There is no task in the screen but there is a 10-second Quizmas Pudding ticking down to your demise if you do not act quickly.

Hovering over different parts of the duck will highlight hidden options:

  • The Tail End
  • Bumhole Rhubarb goes here
  • Turbo Flaffer
  • Beady Ball
  • Water Must be Chilly
  • Hot Jets of Duck Sputum
  • Swirling Whirlpool of Death
  • Tiny Throbbing Swollen Member
  • Seasonal Headwear!

Most of these options will take away a life if clicked, but two are safe; the "Tiny Throbbing Swollen Member" and the "Seasonal Headwear!". There is also a hidden Skip in one of seven possible locations scattered around the question, as seen in the gallery below.

Returning players will probably recognise the "Afro Duck" from Question 41 of The Impossible Quiz, thinking the "Seasonal Headwear!" is the solution, mirroring the answer to the original question. However, it is only the first step in finding the solution, as you have to move the Santa hat off the duck's head, revealing a big red button below. Pressing this will complete the question.



  • An early version of the picture, with a slightly different hat design, was used as one of the "Soon" teasers for the game on Splapp's tumblr.
  • The duck's missing afro is one of the collectable Quizmas Presents available in the game.
  • Clicking the "Tiny Throbbing Swollen Member" will unlock the "Corkscrew" medal in the Newgrounds version of the game.
  • The "Rhubarb goes here" comment is an inside joke, added by Splapp as a response to an anonymous poster on his tumblr page.
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