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Question 90 from the Impossible Quiz says "How many times has Michael Jackson had a nose job?", with a bomb counting down from 10 seconds. The possible answers for this question are "Thrice", "Twice", "Once" and "Nonce".

It's a bit tricky: Michael DID have a handful of nose jobs, but none of the first three options are correct. The answer in this case is "Nonce". While it sounds similar to "none", the term "nonce" is actually British and Australian slang for "child sex offender", and charges were filed against Jackson several times in his life due to accusations of child molesting.

Mobile version

This question had to be replaced with a completely different one in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, since having a question attacking the reputation of the King of Pop in a mobile App would bring a lot of legal problems. The new Question 90 says "My wife went on holiday alone to the West Indies...", while the possible options read "Poor you.", "Hahah. Ha! Hahaaa.", "Jamaica?" and "You don't have a wife, you liar.". There's also a 10-second bomb.

The answer in this case is "Jamaica?", which is an island country that belongs to the Antilles, an archipelago that is in turn part of the West Indies. It requires some creative thinking but even then, it's similar to other questions in the Quiz with double meaning, since "Jamaica" can be read as "Ya make her?" ("Did you make her?").

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