The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 90
TIQ2 - 90 (1)



1 second; delayed, non-defusable


TIQ Question 91

Question 90 of The Impossible Quiz 2 features a huge wall of text with a really small red font, written by Splapp-Me-Do himself in first person, that says the following:

So, you're up to Question 90 on the Impossible Quiz 2. Not bad! Do you know how many questions this quiz has? Because I don't. Not as I'm typing this anyway. It's the 16th of August, so I'm speaking to YOU playing this QUIZ in the FUTURE. Amazing! So anyway, I'm here to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a small fat lemur named Steven. Steven always wanted to be a famous novelist, so one day he wrote a novel. The end. God, I'm bored. I can't believe you got this far in the quiz. You're amazing, like crumpets. Crumpets are amazing. Hey! You know what'd be really really really REALLY funny? If you'd spent all this time reading this and suddenly a bomb appeared. Ahahah, don't worry. That has already been done in the first Impossible Quiz... it was question 91 I think. Yeah, I don't recycle ideas, me. OR DO I?!
TIQ2 - 90

The question when the bomb appears.

No matter how fast you can read, you probably won't be able to read the whole text before a 1-second Bomb appears in front of the screen (as it turns out, Splapp does recycle some of his ideas). This bomb is too big to be defused.

The possible answers are "Yes", "No", "Text wall" and "tl;dr". The correct option is "tl;dr", which means "too long; didn't read".

Mobile version

Question 90 (iOS)
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10 seconds



In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, this question was pushed back to number 89, and a new question filled this spot. The new Question 90 says "How many stars in this sky?", followed by a small square picture of a sky at night time with some stars on it. The possible answers are "Uncountable", "Which sky?", "What Guy?" and "47", and there's a 10-second bomb.

Despite "47" being a good possible answer since it's a number, it's not the correct one. The answer to this question is "What Guy?", since the words "this sky" have a similar pronounciation to "this guy".


  • This is one of the only three questions in the entire Impossible Quiz series to feature a 1-second bomb, though you have to wait to actually see it. The other two times this has been done is in Question 75 from the first Quiz, where you had to reflexively click an "Escape" button before the bomb went off, and Question 29 in this Quiz, though there were many other bombs with different timers as well, and you actually had to move your mouse over them to uncover them.
  • Fusestoppers can't be used in this question since that bomb is just too big to be disintegrated (plus it's not on screen since the very beginning of the question).
  • The bomb takes 25 seconds to appear.
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