The Impossible Quiz
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Question 91 of The Impossible Quiz contains a simple lined paper, on which there's a note written in red by Splapp-Me-Do himself in first person. Said note goes as follows:

Dear Impossible Quiz player.
Allow me to give you a bit of advice on this question. The answer to this question is of course painfully simple, but by the time you have used your eyes to read this lovely letter, a bomb will most likely have appeared in the top right hand corner, counting down to your doom.
Oh, well. Good Luck!
Best wishes,
Splapp xx

And indeed, a while after the player starts reading, a 5-second bomb will suddenly appear in the top right hand corner of the screen.

TiqQ91 Ripped

The question when completed.

The answer isn't exactly obvious, and the note was obviously there just to distract the player, but after a few tries he/she might realise that to pass this question what you have to do is to move the mouse back and forth right under the third hole of the paper, until the player starts tearing it. If the player keeps doing this while moving to the right side of the paper, he/she will have ripped it apart in half, making it fall out of sight.


  • The idea of this question would be later recycled in Question 90 of The Impossible Quiz 2, with the difference that it was a normal but ridiculously long question message instead of a letter, it had actual options, and instead of a 5-second bomb it was of a 1-second bomb.
    • In the question text, Splapp points this out by sarcastically stating he does not recycle ideas, before exclaiming; "OR DO I?!"
  • The bomb appears after 5 seconds.
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