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Question 91
TIQB - 091


Special Attributes

Safe Question


Badly Drawn Dawg (character by Splapp)

Question 91 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-first question in the second Chapter, and the eleventh question with the visual theme inspired by Modern video games.

Oddly enough, you're presented with what appears to be a blueprint of a typical Chapter 2 question, with lots of stuff scribbled with white on it describing many of the aspects of the question screen. For instance, the question number is surrounded by a dotted line, with small text label "Problem number" pointing at it.

The purple centre of the spinning background has been marked with a circle and many little arrows pointing at it, plus a bigger one that comes from a slightly disturbing big text that says "Possible black hole". To its right, there is a complex operation composed by letters, numbers and Greek symbols, and near the right edge of the screen there's can see the Badly Drawn Dawg drawn with a poker face.

Below this there's the subtitle "Proposed answer sites", followed by the empty spaces where the option boxes are usually located, marked by dotted lines. The first empty box only contains a Flash programming script that says "". The second one also has some small dots inside near the borders, with some arrows pointing at them, coming from the message "Light up when mouse over"; a horizontal double arrow with bars on each of its ends is located above this box's space, stating that somehow the option boxes have a length of approximately 16 million kilometres.

Similarly, the option box space right below it contains an identical yet vertical double arrow measuring its height, which is roughly 4 million kilometres. The bottom-left option box, on the other hand, has been filled entirely with diagonal lines, with the word "ANSWER" spelled in big letters in the middle. Finally, the labels "Lives" and "Powerups here" indicate the location of the Power-ups.

Especially, you cannot lose a life in this question.

At the bottom-right hand corner of the screen, right below the second Skip's locked space, that corner of the blueprint is folded. This means that you can use your mouse's hand to click it, and you'll be able to proceed.


  • The indication of a "Possible black hole" behind where the question's message is usually located led some people to think of this question as a prediction of the ending of Chapter 3 (Question 150), where a black hole opens behind the title screen of the original Quiz and sucks everything in. However, Splapp stated that when he was working on this question he actually didn't know how he was going to end the final Chapter (though he admitted that it does hint at it quite nicely)[1].


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